BTS V’s Most Romantic Comment Left On Weverse Has ARMYs Losing Their Minds

He really did just say that.

When an exhausted ARMY tried to find solace in BTS by logging into Weverse and hoping for a comment from Mr. Perfect-Attendance Jin


… she had no idea what was in store for her!

Right about now… Mr. Jin should be coming around, I think. LOL. I know it’s me getting my hopes up. But waiting is still fun! I had a bit of a rough day so… I miss you.



To the post longing for Jin, V replied — probably in his irresistibly sweet voice:

How about me? I can lessen the stress for you.

— V


And ARMYs went wild for V’s most romantic, stuff-K-Drama-male-leads-say kind of response — and began tweeting their own versions of V’s “How about me?”


So…? How about V for that picker upper? We’d take him in a heartbeat. All versions of him.