Who Is That Kid On BTS V’s Shirt? Here’s The Answer You’re Looking For

Learn more about V’s shirt and its designer.

If you’re wondering why this face on BTS V‘s shirt isn’t yours, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

From left to right: Jin, V, and J-Hope.

BTS transformed into ’90s heartthrobs to perform “Butter” for Japan’s FNS Music Festival. Each one of these colorful outfits is eye-catching, but we’re dying to know more about V’s.

BTS | @BTS_jp_official/Twitter

Some fans pointed out the model’s uncanny resemblance to actor Matthew Gray Gubler. Although the similarities are undeniable, they are not the same person.

V is wearing Raf Simons‘ Destroyed Crewneck Girl In Red, a sweatshirt that retails for upwards of $600 USD.

Raf Simons & Farfetch

So, who is the “Girl In Red?” Although we don’t know her name, it is possible that she’s someone the Belgian fashion designer knows personally. Simons has a history of using personal photographs in his fashion design.

Raf Simons & Farfetch

In his 2021 Spring Read-to-Wear collection, for example, Simons used black and white photographs of his employees’ family members.

| Raf Simons & Vogue

The silhouette was as slim as ever and there was ample sloganeering and graphics, things his customers old and young adore, as well as photo prints of family members of Raf’s studio team.

— Vogue

This sweatshirt, listed on Farfetch for $825 USD, is another example.

Raf Simons brings old black and white portraits of his employees’ relatives into his new collection, represented on this purple sweatshirt.

— Item description, Farfetch

Interestingly, Simons has stated that he does not enjoy being photographed. In an interview with AnOther magazine, he said that some of the photos he chooses to use for his clothing are connected to particular emotions as well as to his sources of inspiration.

I have always hated having my picture taken; I’m not sure why, but maybe it just felt irrelevant to me in terms of what I do. If I could choose to be anonymous I would be – I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true. Now, I have started to look at photographs in a different kind of way, as part of a memory.

Many of the photographs I have used on the clothing in this collection are connected to emotions: love, happiness, fear, sadness… they all connect to moments in my life. Then there are pictures related to things that inspired me in the moment, as well as things I have always been obsessed by. Choosing the pictures was a very intuitive process; not everything was really about explaining in words.

— Raf Simons, AnOther 

In addition to photography, Simons takes inspiration from youth culture, something BTS has also explored with their music and fashion.

If you haven’t seen BTS’s “Butter” performance yet, watch it here:

Source: Vogue and AnOther Magazine

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