Here’s How BTS V’s Mesmerizing Performance Of “Singularity” Was Really Created, According To BTS’s Concert Directors

It was truly iconic!

K-Pop idols pride themselves on creating a show for fans that is unforgettable. Whether it is on music shows or performing to thousands of fans worldwide during their tour, they ensure that everything is of top quality for fans.

One group that always prides themselves on putting on amazing shows is BTS! Since debuting, they have put on grand shows for fans whether in person or online.

BTS during their online concert | @KPop_Herald/ Twitter

blip recently hosted the 2021 KPOP RADAR & TikTok Conference, where they spoke to several experts about different parts of the K-Pop industry.

In particular, they spoke to Kim Sangwook and Seo Donghyeon, responsible for creating concerts for BTS. The duo spoke about creating shows, the pandemic, and working with each of the groups.

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In particular, they were discussing some of the most memorable parts of the concert and how involved they get with the process of creating the staging. During this time, they discussed one of the most memorable moments from the Speak Yourself tour in Seoul including member V!

During their show in Seoul, V performed his track “Singularity,” where he started the magnificent performance on a luxurious bed. For many, his gaze into the camera caught the attention of fans.

| KBS/ YouTube
| KBS/ YouTube

Even Kim Sangwook couldn’t hide how impactful the performance was, noting that it was thirty seconds that created such a buzz and was beautiful to watch.

| blip/ YouTube 

In the interview, it was revealed that Seo Donghyeon was actually the mastermind behind this epic stage.

To create that intense atmosphere, Donghyeon had to ask a special manufacturer to create the piece. However, if Donghyeon didn’t have enough work to do in creating the tour, he had a hands on role in ensuring that this stage looked perfect. According to fellow director Kim Sangwook, he even tested it out first.

Donghyeon PD went to the workshop, to the storage, and turned on the music, and our assistant director filmed him on the camera. Donghyeon PD did all of the facial expressions and showed it to V.

— Kim Sangwook

| blip/ YouTube

According to Donghyeon, V had a good laugh watching him try to recreate what V was going to do during the concert. However, they added that V appreciated all the effort that went into it and it allowed him to visualize the stage before he had to do it.

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However, although they spoke about Donghyeon’s role in the stage, the two directors couldn’t stop praising V for his performance and use of the stage during the track.

Idol is an idol. I realized that in the concert.

— Seo Donghyeon

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It isn’t the only time that V’s performance during “Singularity” caught the attention of fans and the media worldwide. In 2019, it was picked as the best solo performance by KBS for the whole BTS world tour.

There is no denying that V is one of the best performers in K-Pop and, along with more uptempo tracks, he can create intense and theatrical stages for fans to enjoy!

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