BTS Was Once Asked Which Member They Would Introduce Their “Sister” To—V And Suga Had Completely Different Answers

Jin hilariously agreed with Suga!

The BTS members sometimes hilariously give different answers to questions, and Suga and V once had drastically different answers to a question!

BTS’s Suga (Left) & V (Right)

In an interview, the members were asked, “Lastly, which member would you want to introduce your sister to?

| Madboyjeffy/YouTube

V picked J-Hope! Suga, who doesn’t have a sister, hilariously said that he wouldn’t want to introduce any of the members if he had a sister! After Suga said this, everyone burst into laughter!

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Suga then hilariously said, “There is no way I would introduce my sister to them!Jin, who also doesn’t have a sister, laughingly agreed with Suga as he shook his head and waved his hand at the question!

| Madboyjeffy/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!