Here’s What Happens When BTS’s V, Jimin, And Suga Put On Their Own Recital

Spoiler: Chaos. 😂

You can never get enough of BTS‘s V, Jimin, and Suga!

The trio proved they know exactly how to entertain themselves (and everyone around them) while putting on their own special show during a recording of “Butter.”

It didn’t take long for Jimin to gravitate towards a piano and start “playing” their song by slamming random piano keys! Even J-Hope immediately went for the exit.

Next, Suga was up mindlessly strumming at a double bass like it’s a guitar.

He may not have known what he was doing, but he looked good doing it!

The same goes for V who picked up where the guitar player left off.

As Suga transitioned to piano, V had some relatable words to say about him!

Like a boyfriend or a hero in a fairytale…

— V

The results are in: Piano-playing Suga is everyone’s knight in shining armor!

Check out their whole “recital” below.