BTS’s V Plays PUBG With ARMY…And Things Get Extremely Chaotic

Shout out to the ARMY who let V kill her character. 🀣

Recently, BTS‘s V played a series of video games with ARMY including Fall Guys and more. However, that’s not the first time he played with fans!

Previously, V played a round of PUBG with ARMY and things quickly turned chaotic. In the video, fans hilariously found their way over to V’s character and got the funniest reaction of him by busting a move.

The moment V spoke and asked the ARMY to not kill him, she promised to let him live and instead followed him around.

When more Zombie ARMY surrounded V, they begged not to be killed.

However, when V asked if he could kill someone, an ARMY immediately volunteered.

Just try not to laugh when the camera zooms in on the ARMY who sacrificed their life!

Check out the full hilarious video below.