BTS’s RM Compliments V On His Greatest Strength, And It Brings Him To Tears

Their bond is so precious.

BTS‘s RM has a knack for knowing just what to say, especially when he’s talking to his members! During Bon Voyage Season 2, he wrote the sweetest letter for V that moved him to tears.

During their precious stay in Hawaii, it was difficult for RM to decide exactly what he wanted to say since the two share so many special times together.

He starts with his adorable first impression of V, knowing that something about him was special ever since the beginning!

V has always been known for his unique personality that’s often deemed “strange” by others, and it even caused RM to wonder how V would deal with more serious issues.

However, RM shared that he soon learned a lot from V. Being different is his strength and makes people love him and befriend him easily.

V’s true self may not be considered the norm, but it’s for that exact reason that he’s so loved!

He concluded the letter by thanking V for choosing to become a BTS member instead of his other goals.

That’s true friendship!


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