BTS V’s Vlog Captured A Glimpse Of 2015 And It’s Giving ARMYs The Feels

His love for ARMYs is so, so real.

When BTS‘s V shared his part of the group’s vacation vlog series, ARMYs immediately fell in love with the content. From his trip with his friends to his quality time with his family, fans felt right there with V throughout his vacation — thanks to this vlog.


And it turns out, amidst all the visual extravaganza that was happening in the video, V also managed to capture a fan’s gift from 2015 displayed in his bedroom. As V tried to vlog himself cozying up with his dog Yeontan, ARMYs noticed a teddy bear sitting atop his bed-frame.


The fan who claims to have sent V the gift in 2015, at Twitter @VShock1230, pointed out that he/she sent the teddy bear as a small gesture to help V get some good night’s sleep back when he suffered mild trouble with sleeping.

I watched the vlog in the morning because I wanted to see V and Yeontan… but I just noticed. That’s a gift I sent in 2015. V was having trouble sleeping, so I wanted to be of help in any way. I had no idea he kept it all this time. He’s such a sweetheart, how could anyone not love him so?

— Twitter @VShock1230


The fan and fellow ARMYs are now dropping all their UWUs at the fact that he kept the present all these years, right there by his head, on top of his bed! As all BTS members, V has been truly in love with his fans since the beginning of it all.


Watch the vlog here: