Bringing Back BTS V’s Insane Visuals With Neck And Face Tattoos, Because We Can

He’s crazy for this.

BTS‘s V with tattoos is practically a cultural reset at this point. You may have never seen this moment of his, but if you did, once would definitely not be enough.

Just how were these tattoos given to V? As it is impossible for him to get real tattoos just for a performance, V had to get temporary ones. A tattoo artist carefully applied the drawings to him by hand using an erasable marker.

This is a common method used by many stylists for photoshoots nowadays, although it can be hard to remove. Eyeliner pens are too thin to cover the appropriate area.

V got temporary tattoos below his eye and on his neck.

The creeping, thorny vines gave him a chic, grunge look.

Of course, they have to be carefully removed after the performance is over, so as not to damage the skin!

V certainly can pull off any concept flawlessly. Here’s to hoping they bring it back!

Source: pann