BTS Went Wild On Twitter One Valentine’s Day, Here’s What Happened

ARMYs will never forget what went down on Valentine’s Day 2014.

BTS recently wished fans a Happy Valentine’s Day with this video clip, taken at the 2019 Grammy Awards, but veteran ARMYs may remember a very different greeting from 5 years ago.


From debut until now, BTS have gone wild on Twitter countless times with Dubsmashes, hilarious song covers, and much more. Valentine’s Day 2014 was no exception.

Valentine’s Day Puma promotion, 2017.


On that day, each of the BTS members tweeted out selfies of themselves holding chocolatey treats. Their captions parodied the lyrics from BTS’s 2014 hit, “Boy in Luv”, which was released on February 11 that year.


There is a line in the song, “doegopa neoui oppa” that translates to “I want to be your oppa“. Jimin used the original lyrics as his caption: “I want to be your oppa“.


Suga, on the other hand, changed the line to, “I want to be your brownie”…


…and RM changed it to, “I want to be your evil”.


Jungkook wrote, “I want to be your man”…


V wrote, “I want to be your devil”…


J-Hope wrote, “I want to be your baby”…


…and Jin wrote, “I want to be your chocolate pig”. In his picture, he gnaws on a Hershey‘s Cookie n’ Creme bar that seemed to the chocolate of choice that year!


Fans would no doubt love to see a 2019 version. They’d make the perfect Valentine’s Day cards!

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