BTS Wore These Fan Given Gifts In Their Music Videos

Fans may recognize these presents.

The BTS members have received countless presents from fans, and some of these special gifts have even made it into music videos.


One of the most common gifts BTS has received is clothing. For example, RM has been spotted wearing his fan-given outfits out in public…


…and in BTS’s 2019 New Year’s greeting, Jungkook wore the same custom rings a fan gave to him and V back in 2016.


At a fan sign, V was given this crown. At the time, no one knew that it would end up in one of BTS’s most famous music videos…


…”Spring Day”! Although it could be a coincidence, many fans say V’s crown is the same one RM wore in the “Spring Day” music video.


Suga also wore a fan’s gift in a music video. This silver, GUCCI bracelet can be seen in…


…”DNA”. Views can see it most clearly in the second “DNA” MV teaser.


Fans might want to keep an eye out to see if they can spot more fan gifts like these in BTS’s past and future videos!