BTS’s “Hook” Was Actually A Diss Track In Response To Rapper And Producer Brave Brothers

Bang PD and RM are soulmates.

You might not be familiar with the song “Hook” by BTS as it was a song written by RM pre-debut as a way to find revenge for Bang Si Hyuk. The track was sung by RM, Supreme Boi, and Iron.

Producer and rapper Brave Brothers released his own album in 2010. The problem starts with the teaser for his new album which reveals actual names of some of the best producers of that time. The CG effects show Brave Brothers throwing light beams at the names, expressing that they aren’t good enough to compete with him.

This teaser gained much attention and even headlined the news for its lyrics. News of this song also caught the attention of none other than RM. Not long after, the track “Hook” was released as a diss track in response to Brave Brothers’ song. RM’s verse in the song talks about Brave Brothers being blind to the development of the music industry and that there is nothing “classic” about that, causing this to be his real farewell.

You say you just wanna be ‘The Classic’ like Nas?
Got nothin’ to say, Nas hyung, u mad
Have you ever seen anything absurd like that, why just blindly insult right away
We can seduce other people’s ears without using the F word
Got into YG with your rapping, dug yourself into a hole with your mic
‘Last Farewell’ really became your last farewell
You closed your eyes tight at the development in the music business but the public’s eyes are paparazzi
You sold off all your hook songs, you might really be finished
Yeah and this is a real Brave Entertainment
Maybe DISS is what u want, our Special occasion
The facts that everyone knows but you, shall I stop?
Ok ok, no more jokes and will end it here

Supreme Boi takes the next verse and let’s Brave Brothers know that he has aimed his gun at the wrong direction and that they don’t have to worry because they already have their ‘bulletproof’ vests.

Shit, I hope you realized you made a mistake, and you aimed your gun at the wrong direction
You’re totally embarrassed of that one shot from your BB gun, right?
But I don’t need to worry, I already wore my bulletproof vest (It’s not a joke)

Last but not least, Iron takes verse three and emphasizes for the last time that it’s not Bang PD who’s leaving this industry.

You’re pretending nothing is wrong, pretending you’re living well, but we all know you’re embarrassed
Hyung, are you crazy..? Hitman.. leaves? Huh, are you kidding?
Hahaha, Look closely. Finally we’ll see who’ll go… Bye~!

Bang PD must be so proud and touched to have someone like RM sticking up for him whenever there is trouble. It is a strong relationship like this that is hard to break, even during the most trying of times.

RM and BTS have proved to not only Brave Brothers, but also to the world that they are one of the most influential artists in the world through their message and their music. Brave Brothers later revealed in an interview that he believes that the K-Pop industry has a chance now because BTS paved the way.

Listen to the full track below!


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