BTS’s Jimin Has A Special Skill: Charming Every Host He Meets

Jimin’s aegyo brings all the hosts to the yard.

The Jimin Effect” is real, and even hosts aren’t immune to it!


“Charming” doesn’t even begin to describe BTS‘s Jimin. He is a sweet, lovable person with neverending natural aegyo, who can make anyone feel like they’re the most beloved person on the planet.


When BTS appears on a show, the hosts often fall for Jimin. Hard. Most recently, Jimin charmed JoJo Wright on iHeartRadio Live. When asked who is on his collaboration wishlist, Jimin said, “Hey, Jojo”, then went in for a handshake that turned into a hug.


Throughout the show, JoJo happily accepted all the hugs “hug fairy” Jimin offered him — and he offered a lot of them!


JoJo isn’t the only host Jimin has bewitched. On Good Morning America, everyone’s hearts–including the hosts’–were moved when Jimin and V embraced these smol ARMYs.


If any US host holds the title of “Biggest Jimin Stan” though, it’s Jimmy Fallon. Their bromance began with a BT21 Chimmy headband…


…and being name twins.

Hey Jimmy, I’m Jimin!

— Jimin


Jimmy Fallon insisted he wasn’t picking favorites, but we all know the truth!

My man, here we go. My man, here we go! Come on! Drum roll!

— Jimmy Fallon


Will James Corden be the next host to jump aboard the Jimin train? BTS returns to The Late Late Show With James Corden on January 28.

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