BTS’s Jimin Once Revealed What He Likes About Suga

Suga seemed to like Jimin’s answer!

BTS‘s Suga and Jimin have one of the most adorable relationships, and there have been many moments where they have teased each other randomly.

BTS’s Jimin and Suga teasing each other

While these two tease each other constantly, they love each other like brothers.

BTS’s Jimin (Left) & Suga (Right)

One time, Jimin was asked a question about Suga, and he gave a touching answer.

BTS’s Suga (Left) & Jimin (Right)

In the past, BTS hosted a Q&A at their M2U fansign. One of the questions Jimin got was, “What do you like about Yoongi (Suga’s real name)?

| DHS/YouTube

Jimin then gave a heartwarming answer, as he said, “I like the fact that he’s honest and that he’s always the way he is.” Suga seemed to like Jimin’s answer, as he gave a thumbs up and a finger heart to the audience after Jimin gave his answer.

| DHS/YouTube 

Jimin concluded by stating that while Suga might not have a lot of energy, he’s a cute hyung to him!

| DHS/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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