BTS’s Jin Is Honored To Have Eaten His Dinner With 4 Million Fans

ARMYs are honored to be his fan!

BTS’s Jin turned on a live stream on April 8 for a beloved Eat Jin session with fans. Eat Jin is a mukbang style show that he started himself by showing how to cook different meals. He later began eating food during live streams to connect with fans.

In this session, he enjoys his dinner while interacting with fans about his dad jokes, reasoning for his hair cut, why he made his flower crown the way he did for Run BTS!, and much more!

While eating his food, he realizes the fact that he has been in this industry a long time considering how comfortable he is eating on camera in front of millions of people.

He finds himself totally focused on his food instead of talking to the camera and admits that he wasn’t able to read all the comments on the screen.

He remembers earlier in his debut, he always had the pressure to have to speak during live sessions. Now, he is comfortable with the camera and the fans and has no problem eating his dinner in front of millions of fans.

He finishes his dinner in just thirty short minutes and states that it was an honor to have eaten dinner in front of 4M fans.

We hope to see more Eat Jin‘s from him in the near future!

Watch the full live stream below.