BTS’s RM Took ARMY’s “President Namjoon” Joke To The Next Level

Fans are ready to apply for citizenship in his “country”.

BTS‘s RM isn’t just in on ARMY‘s jokes, he’s taking them one step further!

Over the years, RM has proven himself to be a wise and capable leader. From his late teen years until now, he has guided his members with a maturity beyond his years, to the best of his abilities.

ARMYs admire RM so much that they’ve nicknamed him “president”. The nickname has become so widespread that RM even referenced it in BTS’s comeback trailer track, “Intro: Persona”.

On his birthday, RM posted a special birthday greeting to ARMY on Weverse. He wears a birthday sash while giving his people the presidential wave. “I invite you to visit the Republic of Namjoon,” he wrote.

Now, fans are packing their bags and running wild with the joke. They’ve brainstormed a national anthem…

…and the country’s environmental laws.

Some fans have already booked their flights…

…and they can’t wait to arrive!

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