BTS’s Suga Was Extremely Touched After His “Older Brother” V Took Care Of Him

Suga almost cried because he was so touched.

The adorable relationship between BTS‘s Suga and is always a touching one that can melt your heart.

Even though Suga looks intimidating when you first see him, he’s actually such a sweet and kindhearted person who sincerely loves his members.

After all, V wouldn’t be so eager to hug him…

…if he didn’t like him, right?

People who are new to the ARMY fandom also think that Suga is “cold”, but when you remember that he once wrote a message to V…

…and said “I love you” to him, you would realize that Suga is a bit shy when expressing his emotions through words…

…and so he expresses them through his actions instead, by taking care of V in his own way.

This is why is so refreshing to see when the roles have reversed, and V is the one taking care of Suga instead.

In many occasions, V has taken care of Suga in his own way. One example was when he picked a paper for his hyung so that he wouldn’t have a hard time reaching for the container anymore.

The latest example of V taking care of Suga was when he gave his egg yolk to his hyung — just look at his faint smile here.

Suga was so touched since he couldn’t believe that V remembered his preference for mixing soup with the egg yolk.

This is definitely endearing, especially since Suga admitted later on that he almost teared up because he was touched with what V did.

This just goes to show that Suga is actually a very emotional person, isn’t he? Check out the next article about his friendship with J-Hope and prepare yourself for all the feels when you read it!

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