BTS’s V Got Pissed At His Friends Because He Thought They Were “Bullying” Jimin

Taehyung asked his friends why they were ignoring Jimin.

Not many ARMYs may be aware of this, but BTS‘s and Jimin started off their friendship earlier than the others.

They were actually friends ever since high school as they were in the same grade. 95s, anyone?

V went to Daegu Jeil High School and Jimin attended Busan Arts High School, but when they joined Big Hit Entertainment, they subsequently transferred to a new high school.

Because Jimin came from Busan, he had an accent that many of his classmates made fun of. Jimin knows the pains of being bullied, which is why he aims to spread kindness whenever he can.

Thankfully, since V and Jimin were schoolmates, V was there to defend him from the bullies!

This incident makes sense, considering that BTS has spoken about bullying before. In fact, they partnered with UNICEF to create an anti-bullying campaign. BTS always talks about spreading kindness and compassion instead, so if you know someone who harshly bullies others, let them know that BTS actually advocates finding love from within yourself and then spreading love to others.

Perhaps this is why V felt angry at his friends in high school for “ignoring” or “bullying” his best friend, Jimin.

OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee, who also went to the same school, even recalled her own story about the two best friends. V enrolled in the high school first, and Jimin transferred later. Ever the social butterfly, V introduced Jimin to all of his friends so that they can all hang out together!

I knew V first. When Jimin switched schools, he ended up in my class. V introduced me to Jimin and asked me to be his friend, so we all became buddies.

— OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee

But there’s more to that story! As soon as Jimin arrived at the school, V introduced Jimin to the teachers and to his friends.

But then, during a mid-day break, V saw Jimin all alone at the back of the classroom. He was playing with his phone all by himself. V was enraged that Jimin was being ignored.

I was surprised so I got angry at my friends and said, ‘Why are you not talking to my friend?’

— V

When V got angry, one of V’s friends explained that they weren’t ignoring him but had let him be after seeing his introverted personality.

I talked for 20 minutes, but Jimin only answered my questions. He was quiet so I stopped talking.

— V’s friend

Jimin was just shy with strangers!

It was touching to find out that V got angry when he thought his best friend Jimin was being ignored.

He considers Jimin as his “dearest friend” and his “soul mate,” after all.