BTS’s V Is The Life Counselor That We All Need

V’s good heart can be seen through his considerate comments.

Although BTS’s V may not be as active on Weverse as Jin, he still comes on from time to time and communicates with ARMYs about their concerns in daily life.




On December 22, he couldn’t fall asleep and decided to login to leave comments for fans. One fan left a comment that read, “I’m so tired of people and relationships.” To this, V replied, “I understand. When I was younger, I used to make lots of friends because I liked people. But I realized that they saw me as V and not Kim Taehyung. I changed a lot because of this and I am now left with just my people.”





Another fan left a comment saying that they were assigned to the same class with a friend they had a fight with. V replied with, “If you want to make up with your friend, do it. If you don’t, no need to. But if you feel like that person is trying to make up with you, accept it.





He also left a comment to fans saying, “I’m young and this is just my wish. I don’t want to make enemies in my life and I wish everyone would be on the same side.” This comment proves just how good-hearted he really is.





Previously, V even left a comment to someone who used a translator to convey their message. This also showed how much he cares and loves his overseas fans as well.

Another time, V noticed that many fans were on the app and not sleeping. He left a comment saying, “I don’t think everyone is sleeping well. I will help you all have a good night’s sleep.”







He then left a long message revealing what would happen if they did not sleep within the next five minutes.

The person reading this will fall asleep and start to dream. If the person falls asleep within five minutes, they will be having a dream that they are the only person at a BTS concert. No one else is there but them and all the members’ voices are in great condition and everyone is having a good time. But if they don’t sleep within five minutes, one member will disappear after each passing minute. After 7 minutes, there will be no members and Bang PD will appear and give them a lecture about Big Hit’s history for five hours. If you are reading this, close your eyes now. Ready, Go.






However, fans were so excited at V’s post that no one could fall asleep. He even left a witty reply of “Wow guess a lot of people are here today. Please take an empty seat” to a fans’ comment that read, “So where do I go to listen to Bang PD’s lecture?”





Many believe that he could even hold a counseling session during an online broadcast with fans someday.