BTS’s Suga Learned A Valuable Lesson After Cleaning His Mattress For The First Time

Suga was surprised!

BTS‘s Suga recently held a live broadcast in celebration of his birthday, and during it, he shared a valuable lesson he learned after cleaning his mattress for the first time.

BTS’s Suga

Suga shared that he has a wooden bed and that he recently got his mattress cleaned.

Suga then shared that there’s a company that cleans the dust from your mattress.

Suga has been using this mattress for quite some time.

Until recently, Suga never cleaned this mattress. Suga didn’t clean it because he didn’t know that mattresses had to be cleaned. Not only that, but Suga also had a mattress cover, so he didn’t think his mattress would get dirty.

Suga was in for a surprise when he saw just how much dust was on his mattress! Suga stared at the camera for a few seconds and advised ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) that they should clean their mattress.

Suga is always giving great advice to ARMYs!

BTS’s Suga
Source: Naver Live


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