“Business Proposal” Ahn Hyo Seop And Kim Sejeong Reveal How They Encourage Each Other While Filming

They really look after each other!

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There’s no denying that the K-Drama Business Proposal is a massive hit with fans. For everything from the incredible acting, entertaining storylines, and even the actors’ chemistry.

The series follows main character Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong), who ends up going on a blind date in place of her friend with the CEO of her company, Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop).

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Whether your “OTP” (“one true pairing”) in the series is the main couple with their sweet slow-burn romance…

Business Proposal promotional poster | SBS & Netflix

… The second couple who are full of passion…

Business Proposal promotional poster | SBS & Netflix

… Or, perhaps even the most recent couple who has an adorable romance…

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There’s no denying that all of the couples have incredible chemistry that keeps viewers entertained.

And the actors themselves only help establish this chemistry by constantly endearing fans with their antics behind the scenes of filming. Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) especially take the opportunity between takes to melt fans’ hearts.

Kim Sejeong (left) and Ahn Hyo Seop (right) in Business Proposal. | SBS & Netflix

Whether that’s Ahn Hyo Seop shielding Kim Sejeong’s eyes from the sun, giving her his coat for warmth, or making off-the-cuff K-Drama worthy comments…

Or Kim Sejeong making comments about Ahn Hyo Seop’s appearance that make their way into the actual K-Drama scenes, being adorably flirty, and improvising their scenes to make them all the more heartwarming.

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And in a recent video interview with the YouTube channel The Swoon, Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong have shown off their adorable chemistry once again. In the interview, the cast played a game of Jenga, answering questions as they moved blocks.

One of Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop’s questions was about the most memorable thing their costar said to them.

| The Swoon/YouTube 

Kim Sejeong didn’t hesitate before sharing that Ahn Hyo Seop’s commonly used phrases are actually very meaningful to her.

Kim Sejeong | The Swoon/YouTube 

Although she didn’t remember the exact phrasing, Kim Sejeong shared that it was something like “I thought it was okay” or “don’t think that way.”

| The Swoon/YouTube 

Kim Sejeong explains that “when something negative happens, [Ahn Hyo Seop] first gives a positive response.”

Kim Sejeong (left) and Ahn Hyo Seop (right) | The Swoon/YouTube 

And his positive encouragement “really helped [Kim Sejeong] throughout the shoot.”

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But Ahn Hyo Seop then reveals that he also receives encouragement through Kim Sejeong’s words while filming. He shares that Sejeong “keeps saying “This is okay” out of nowhere.”

| The Swoon/YouTube 
| The Swoon/YouTube 

Especially “when she’s exhausted, she tries to overcome it” through her seemingly never-ending positivity.

| The Swoon/YouTube 

And he thinks that her comments are sweet.

| The Swoon/YouTube 

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