The 3 Things “Business Proposal” Side Couple Kim Min Gue And Seol In Ah Find Most Charming About Each Other

This pair is too much for our hearts!

Netflix‘s Business Proposal is stealing the hearts of viewers all around the world with its easygoing storyline, comedic timing, and of course, the chemistry of the actors. Besides main couple Kang Tae Mu (played by Ahn Hyo Seop) and Shin Ha Ri (played by Kim Sejeong, also known as Kim Se Jeong), the second lead couple is also gaining attention.

Kim Min Gue and Seol In Ah

Kim Min Gue plays Cha Sung Hoon, the secretary and childhood friend of Kang Tae Mu while Seol In Ah is a chaebol and Ha Ri’s closest friend. They meet coincidentally outside a convenience store and fall in love at first sight.

It is thanks to the actors’ chemistry that the viewers of the show continue to be hooked on each episode. Even in real life, they keep giving fans a reason to ship them!

Kim Min Gue and Seol In Ah showed off their close friendship in an interview with SBS CATCH where they answered several questions about each other such as their charming points.

Seol In Ah knew the answer right away, saying that it was “too easy” to think of what makes him attractive.

His dimples are very attractive.

— Seol In Ah

She also likes his height. When Kim Min Gue insisted that Ahn Hyo Seop was better in this category, she firmly shut him down in the sweetest way.

Kim Min Gue: I like Hyo Seop’s height more.

Seol In Ah: I don’t see Ahn Hyo Seop. I’m only looking at Kim Min Gue.

Besides his dimples and height, she also likes how easy it is to be with him. And as an aside, she further mentioned that it’s attractive how his character in the show dresses so well.

On the other hand, Kim Min Gue also had an easy time writing down the three charms of his co-star. First of all, he loves how “bright” Seol In Ah is. Like her character, she brightens up the set every time she’s there.

Afterwards, he commented, “You have beautiful eyes.”

Finally, he said that she was “kind,” always humoring him and being patient with him.

[She’s] kind. If you look at my answers, it’s like I wrote them because there’s nothing else to write about. It’s not that. She’s really nice. She bears with me.

— Kim Min Gue

They’re definitely a pairing to look out for!

Source: YouTube

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