Busters’ Agency Under Fire Again, After A Netizen Finds Underage Member On A Plastic Surgery Ad

“They are out of f*cking control.”

It was, for the lack of a better word, simply shocking when a Korean netizen came across this advertisement online for a plastic surgery center in Seoul, Korea.

“M Plastic Surgery Center Looking For Real Models”

These ads, promoting the center’s many surgical procedures…

“The Difference In Details That Make Perfection – 3D Customized Facial Structure Procedure”

… featured BustersJisoo, who is — as of 2020 — 16 years old and a minor.

The ads display Jisoo, allegedly photoshopped with subtlety…

“Natural Looking Double Eyelids”

… to make it look like she went through the procedures being promoted.

“Customized Nose Jobs”

And as rare it is for K-Pop girl group idol members to endorse plastic surgery centers…

This ad includes member Hyeongseo on the far right as well.

… this has enraged netizens, especially because Jisoo is underage. Plus, according to Busters fans, Jisoo didn’t get any plastic surgery done — so netizens find the idea of her promoting these procedures simply absurd as well.

Jisoo, pre-debut

With a bit of research, it became evident that Jisoo had actually been modeling for this center since 2018 — when she was only in middle school.

Jisoo on the center’s blog post promoting eye shaping procedures, posted April 25, 2018

K-Pop fans are furious at Busters’ agency, JTG Entertainment

… more so because this is not their first time facing criticism for making controversial decisions involving these underaged members.

Busters’ Agency Under Fire For Sexualizing Underage Members On Live Broadcast

Unfortunately, the agency is yet to respond — and the advertisements featuring the minor continue to be used on the plastic surgery center’s website. K-Pop fans remain extremely concerned for the members, as they frequently find themselves in controversies.

Source: THEQOO

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