Café in Korea Apologizes for Displaying Dirty Napkins Left Behind by Female Customers

The café framed the dirty napkins and displayed them in the men’s washroom.

One netizen’s post criticizing a café in Ganghwado is going viral on Twitter, Instagram, and other online communities.

According to the post, a café called Joyang Bangjik displayed dirty tissues and cups with lip prints of female customers in the men’s washroom.


In addition, below the framed “artifacts” were the dates of when the items were collected.

Shortly after this revelation went viral, Financial News conducted an interview with the owner of the café.

When asked about the inappropriate display, the owner expressed,

I was solely focused on decorating the washroom in a cool way, so I didn’t think that far. We acknowledge that we’re in the wrong.

– Café

They continued,

If our customers said it made them uncomfortable, we could have taken them down. We didn’t know it was inappropriate. We’re reflecting upon our actions.

– Café

Following the interview, Financial News confirmed that no such display was put up in the women’s washroom.

Joyang Bangjik opened in January of last year, and it’s a popular tourist destination in Ganghwado visited by both Korean and foreign visitors.

Source: Insight