Korean Netizens Compare 23-Year-Old Cha Eunwoo to 23-Year-Old Kang Dong Won

People are comparing the “face geniuses” of two different generations.

Recently, a post comparing 23-year-old Cha Eunwoo to 23-year-old Kang Dong Won went viral for giving many netizens a hard time.

The post asked who netizens would choose between the two “face geniuses” of two different generations.

Although it’s just a question asked for fun, the fierce rivalry between their handsome visuals made it a difficult dilemma for most.

The photos of Kang Dong Won from when he was 23 years old proved that he was a handsome work of art.

Kang Dong Won, who is 39 years old this year, still shows off stunning visuals to this day.

And just like Kang Dong Won, Cha Eunwoo is currently famous for being the representing “face genius” of the idols today.

Not only does Cha Eunwoo have a beautiful face, but he has a physique that makes people swoon.

Regarding the difficult question, netizens are throwing their hands in the air with comments such as “I give up“, “They both have unbelievable visuals“, and “I’m just happy thinking about it“.

Comparing one “face genius” to another…

It’s a difficult choice indeed.

Source: Insight