Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan Once Showed His True Personality After Messing Up A Competition

Not everyone can be like this.

Olympic figure skater Cha Jun Hwan has been gaining attention recently for his skills and visuals. At a young age of 21, he’s already stacked up a great career for himself. With the face of an idol to match, it’s no wonder he’s raking in fans.

As his recent performance at the Beijing Olympics has been making headlines, his past competitions have also been coming back into the limelight.

One of those competitions especially showed his true sportsmanship and personality. During the 2019 Cup Of China, he had made a critical mistake in his short program and taken a tumble. After which, he was unable to steady himself and finished the program low in spirits.

Right after the program, he looked very dejected and disappointed in himself. As a perfectionist dedicated to his art, fans were torn to see him beat himself up over the mistake.

While it is completely understandable and natural to be frustrated after such a situation, fans couldn’t help but swoon at his true personality that shone through. Customarily, the “flower kids” pick up the plushies and flowers that fans throw onto the ring after a program is over. They usually do not interact with the figure skater and take these goodies straight to the backstage area. However, one flower kid decided to hand a plushie to Jun Hwan.

His smile as he accepted the plushie was everything!

Fans noted how he even bent down to look her in the eye and thank her for the plushie.

During a moment of frustration, it is not easy to put on a smile for others but Jun Hwan did it effortlessly! Fans praised him for his kind personality and “prince-like” traits.

  • “His personality is like a prince too. He looks so well brought-up.”
  • “I’m crying in the morning.”
  • “Prince!”
  • “Truly a prince”
  • “Prince charming…”
  • “His mentality is great.. How cool, Jun Hwannie.”
  • “Isn’t he a prince for real?”

Well if he’s the prince, sign us up to be the princess!

Source: theqoo and ISU

Cha Jun Hwan