Charlie Puth Confesses He’s A BTS Fan

Charlie Puth has finally recognized BTS‘s top-notch music by publicly announcing that he enjoys listening to it on Twitter.

In early January 2017, BTS’s Jungkook tweeted a snippet of his cover of Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, and fans couldn’t get enough. It turns out, however, that ARMYs weren’t the only ones who fell in love with Jungkook’s cover.

Charlie Puth himself liked the post before following BTS on Twitter and, last month, when Jungkook uploaded a full version of his cover, responded to it by liking it and retweeting it saying, “I love this Jungcook”.

It seems that this wasn’t the end of Charlie Puth’s love affair with Jungkook’s music as, on March 25, he tweeted that he really likes BTS’s music. Apparently, Charlie Puth had taken the time to check out other songs by BTS!

ARMYs then flooded the comments in his post, telling him that Jungkook really loves his music too.

Sure enough, BTS later responded to Charlie’s tweet saying that they really like Charlie Puth’s music.

Fans are ecstatic over the interaction and hoping that since BTS are in the U.S. for their tour, it could be possible for both artists to meet up.