“Sky Castle” Child Actor Lee Eugene Is All Grown Up And Netizens Are Shocked At His Visuals

He’s not a baby anymore!

For those who remember the hit JTBC K-Drama Sky Castle from 2018, will probably remember the child actor Suhan, played by Lee Eugene, who played the role of the son of Oh Nara and Jo Jae Yoon. 

You might remember him to be this cute little kid…

| Sky Castle/JTBC

…who always was a good boy who listened to his parents.

| Sky Castle/JTBC

But recent photos of him began spreading online, shocking netizens with his totally transformed visuals! The little boy from the drama is now long gone!

Our Eugene has grown up this much! This sweet boy came by during Chuseok to greet me. His voice is also so cool now. He is already 18 years old! He even made milk tea. Thanks to Woojin, I will leave for my activities with a light heart.

Photos from his first photo shoot revealed just how much he has grown in just a few years!

| eugeneleejinjoo/Instagram
| eugeneleejinjoo/Instagram
| eugeneleejinjoo/Instagram

Netizens couldn’t help but be shocked by his sudden growth in both height and visuals.

  • “Wow he was such a baby not too long ago!”
  • “Where is the baby…he’s so grown now!”
  • “Wow his height…he’s gotten even more handsome.”
  • “He grew up well! He grew up so fast.”
Source: theqoo

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