A Chilling Post Shared by the Abusive Mother of a 9-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral Online

The 9-year-old girl recently made a dangerous escape from her abusive home through the veranda.

In light of the shocking news of how a 9-year-girl was physically abused before she escaped through the home’s veranda, a chilling post that the biological mother shared last January is going viral online.

The post, which was shared with a mothers’ forum online, reads as follows:

[Praise me for forgiving my eldest]

A few days ago, my eldest made 3 big mistakes…

And the victims were her father, mother, and two younger siblings…

I was so mad that I gave my eldest the silent treatment, but today, my second eldest came to me and begged me to forgive her unnie. As a result, I cried, talked to my eldest, forgave her, and made our final promise.

The two youngest must have been hurting for days…

Earlier today, I heard them telling my eldest, ‘Tell mom you’re sorry. You shouldn’t lie…’

On top of that, they asked me to forgive her, so I feel comforted by the fact that they’re growing up so well.

– Mother

The mother, who is 27 years old, and the step-father, who is 35 years old, are raising four children together, and it’s been revealed that only Ms. A, who is the 9-year-old girl that was abused, has a different biological father.

Many netizens are finding this post chilling because it’s also been revealed that the mother and step-father tortured their daughter in all sorts of cruel ways such as suffocating her underwater in the tub, tying her up in chains and leaving her out on the veranda, and burning the bottoms of her feet with burning metal chopsticks.

After three years of abuse, Ms. A snuck out of her balcony, ate food at her neighbor’s house, and was discovered out on the streets in her pajamas.

She is currently under treatment at a hospital and is expected to be transferred to a protective facility upon her discharge.

Source: Dispatch