China Bans Women From Modeling Lingerie — Now Male Models Are Filling In

They look just as good!

One of the most popular ways of advertising your product online is in short-form videos on platforms like TikTok or Instagram. Usually, clothes are modeled this way to give purchasers a good idea of how they look on.


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This applies to all forms of clothing, including lingerie and other intimate apparel, especially in China, where the live stream shopping is estimated to be worth over $700 billion USD.

Online shopping streams | Taobao

Unfortunately (or fortunately), after China cracked down on live streams featuring women modeling lingerie, companies had to find a new way of advertising intimate wear.

The solution? Men will instead model the lingerie!


The ban was implemented under China’s law against obscene online material, something that has affected other users online, like Lara Zhang, a Chinese body builder that was accused of posting “obscene video content” online.

| Lara Zhang/Weibo

The owner of one such business, Mr. Xu, shared that this change was done more out of necessity than anything else.

Personally, we don’t really have a choice. The designs can’t be modeled by our female colleagues, so we will use our male colleagues to model it.

— Mr. Xu

Online companies have featured men in various looks, including push-up bras, lacy nightgowns, and other sexy looks.

| 老婆大人的轻奢闺房/Douyin 
| 老婆大人的轻奢闺房/Douyin 

The change has brought mixed opinions from viewers, with some saying they’d like to see more of this. Others believe it could be taking jobs from women.

| 老婆大人的轻奢闺房/Douyin 

The male models also wear less sexy looks like pajamas and have appeared with female coworkers wearing less revealing items.

| 老婆大人的轻奢闺房/Douyin 
| 老婆大人的轻奢闺房/Douyin 

China also has banned “effeminate men,” so this loophole may not work in the long run. You can read more about that policy below.

China To Regulate Pretty Male Idols Who Don’t Conform To Masculinity For Being “Malformed”

Source: NY Post

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