This Chinese Actor Has Sehun’s Looks And Kang Daniel’s Charm, According to Koreans

Netizens are basically calling him the whole package.

19-year-old Chinese model and actor Song Wei Long is being called a “Chinese miracle” by Koreans after blowing up online for his handsome features.


The 99 liner’s most recent role was in 2018’s Untouchable Lovers, which gained him fans in Korea for his good looks and acting ability.


But since his debut in 2015 he’s got more and more recognition in Korea for his similar looks to EXO‘s Sehun, being called by the Korean media “Taiwan’s Sehun” because they have similar features and are the same height at 183cm tall.


He is actually close friends with Sehun, after the two filmed the movie I Love Catman together in 2016.


And recently he’s being compared by netizens to Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel – not saying Song Wei Long looks similar to Kang Daniel, but that he’s in the same league as him as a top visual.

  • “A lot of kids are saying he’s on the same level as Kang Daniel, maybe it’s because of his sweet-looking face? But anyway, I think those fans who say he’s the same as Kang Daniel are crazy.”


Netizens are also comparing him to ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, or just admitting he’s damn good looking.

  • “He’s kind of a mix between Cha Eunwoo and Wang Darren. He’s indeed handsome.”
  • “He looks like Cha Eunwoo… he’s definitely good looking.”
  • “I didn’t have any expectations when clicking on this but he’s freaking handsome.”
  • “Have mercy on me.”
  • “He’s just as good looking as Sehun.”
  • “They’re both tall and handsome.”


And some online commenters are saying the original poster is late to the party, since there are lots of handsome Chinese rookies out there.

  • “Guys, there are so many nice and handsome Chinese actors. Song Wei Long is pretty handsome but there are others too.”
  • “Chinese miracle? There are so many good looking Chinese actors.”
  • “There’s TONSSSSS of cute actors in China. Not sure why every time a Chinese person gains traction, they’re called the Miracle of China in Korea. It’s funny lol. Guan Lin is called it too.”


While there are many amazing Chinese actors to discover, not all of them have been compared to so many top Korean idols!

Source: Dispatch and Pann Nate