Fan Asks Idol For Money — He Sends Them A Four-Digit Amount

The alleged amount is no small thing, either!

Idols are used to getting all sorts of fan requests, ranging from inappropriate ones to those meant to inspire laughter. One popular way of doing the latter is joking about money, including a lack of it.

Recently, however, a fan had their joke about money fulfilled by their fave!

Chen Sijian (ODD)

Chen Sijian (also known as ODD) is a Chinese musician who gained attention for participating in the second season of Produce 101-like Idol Producer. He ultimately finished 15th place and made it to the series’ final episode.


The singer recently held an event where fans could meet him up close and personal. One fan held a clever sign requesting that Chen Sijian send her money if he could.


Do you have enough money? If you do, transfer some to me. <Reply to my private messages on Douyin.>

— Fan

Surprisingly, Chen Sijian obliged the fan, sending her money.

In a video, Chen Sijian stands next to someone likely on his staff as they hold a phone and type.  He says “OK” as the fan exclaims, seeming shocked by him agreeing to do it.

In an exchange that was posted online, Chen Sijian (who the fan club group admin) hints at the amount, saying it was less than 2000 RMB, leading a fan to guess it was 1888 (around 260 USD).


Title: The response from the group admin himself
Fan: Ask the group admin
Chen Sijian: Less than 2000

Fan’s comment: Less than 2000, then maybe 1888?

This is not the first time a star has given their fan money, which you can read about below.

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