Chungha Confirms She Is Healthy And Dishes At The Fake News About Her Staff And COVID-19

“The comments did hurt my feelings a little bit…”

In a recent live broadcast, Chungha came forward and personally confirmed that she is healthy, but in isolation as recommended. She also shared that some of the news being circulated by the Korean press about the current COVID-19 coronavirus situation among her staff members are not true.

She shared, “It has been a while since I’ve been in isolation. It began as soon as I landed in Korea, so it has been quite a long time.” Chungha pointed out that, as the official press release stated, she and the other staff members tested negative and are feeling healthy as usual.

I see a lot of comments right now, talking about the coronavirus so I’m letting you know to relieve some of that concern.

— Chungha

She dished, however, at a certain “exclusive article” that claimed her manager to be one of the two staff members diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Screenshot taken from the said exclusive article which reads, “Two members, including Chungha’s manager and video staff, were diagnosed with COVID-19.”

There was an exclusive article that went out and it initially said ‘two staff members including the manager’. I want to clarify that this is not true. All my managers tested negative. I have three and they are all healthy. So am I, so don’t worry.

— Chungha

She confessed that she “felt hurt” by the irresponsible “fake news” that claimed her manager was also diagnosed.

I read the article and… I read the comments too. Like, the official statement had went out by then, so I don’t understand why they decided to publish fake news like that. To be honest, I felt wronged and… The comments did hurt my feelings a little bit.

— Chungha

Chungha sounded slightly distressed at how the fake news had created rumors, as she claimed, “I really felt the need to clear this up because I didn’t want my staff members getting hurt anymore.”

I know a lot of people were like, ‘How would Chungha test negative if her manager had it? It’s a lie’ and stuff… but no one is lying. My managers are healthy and I am healthy too. Everything you need to know was on that [official] notice.

— Chungha

Chungha wrapped up the discussion by reassuring that she is healthy — and while relieved, fans are irritated by the article that triggered unnecessary anxiety.

Watch the part from the live broadcast here:

Source: THEQOO