Chungha Finds The Cutest Way To Give ITZY Her Phone Number

Fans have been hoping for more interactions.

Fans of both ITZY and soloist Chungha have been hoping for a collaboration, or at least more interactions, between the idols since ITZY’s Yeji went viral for her nervous reaction when she sat close to Chungha at the 2019 Melon Music Awards (MMAs).

ITZY’s Yeji 

Fans couldn’t help but cheer Yeji on in the clip as she finally spoke to Chungha with Lia‘s support.

ITZY’s Yeji, Lia, and soloist Chungha 

And not long after, at ITZY’s premiere showcase tour in Singapore, Yeji shared that she not only found their JYP Entertainment labelmates TWICE to be inspiring, but she also shared the group’s love and respect for Chungha.

Chungha is an artist that our group really likes. There are many aspects about her we can learn from.

— Yeji

Since then, fans have been hoping for more interactions between the talented idols and were delighted to see collaborative TikToks while ITZY was promoting “SNEAKERS,” and Chungha was promoting “Sparkling.”

Yuna, Yeji, Chungha, and Chaeryeong doing the “SNEAKERS” challenge | @itzyofficial/TikTok

#청하 선배님과 함께한 #Sparkling 처럼 톡 쏘는 #SneakersChallenge#ITZY #있지 #MIDZY #CHUNGHA #스파클링#ITZY_CHECKMATE#ITZY_SNEAKERS#PutmySNEAKERSon#putyourSNEAKERSon#SongOfTheSummer


Yeji, Chaeryeong, Chungha, and Yuna doing the “Sparkling” challenge | @official_chungha/TikTok

청하 X ITZY 💃🕺💃🕺SNEAKERS 신고 함께🌟#SparklingChallenge #YouTubeShorts #ITZY

♬ Sparkling – CHUNG HA

But fans can hope for even more interactions in the future after Chungha’s sweet gesture to ITZY. In a behind-the-scenes video of Chungha’s promotions for “Sparkling,” one of Chungha’s stage outfits includes some glittery sneakers, which leads to the idol singing along to ITZY’s song.

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube 

And although she’s briefly worried about her glittery sneakers standing out too much…

Don’t these stand out too much? It’s like I’m an attenion lover! My feet want attention!

— Chungha

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube

She takes a polaroid of her sneakers, complete with a hand-heart, writing a message for ITZY along with her phone number.

Here’s my number!

— Chungha

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube 

Chungha explains that she has “the same vocal trainer as ITZY,” so she was excited to be able to promote at the same time as them.

I actually have the same vocal trainer as ITZY. So… since our comebacks are in the same week, I was really happy about it.

— Chungha

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube 

Chungha decided to be brave and give ITZY her number so she could stop asking their vocal “trainer to be the messenger.”

And our vocal trainer basically played this bridge role between us. But I can’t keep asking the trainer to be the messenger so… I’m going to be brave and give them my number.

— Chungha

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube 

And Chungha was so adorably nervous about giving ITZY her number that she took many different photos to try and find the right one to share.

Isn’t it so cute? At first, I only took photos of me making a heart. I just kept taking these heart photos. And then! I noticed that my shoes stand out so much! So I thought it’d be a good idea to take photos of them!

— Chungha

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube 

After Chungha is brave enough to give ITZY her number, she receives their signed album in return, which she couldn’t be more excited about.

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube 

Hopefully, fans will see lots of interactions between them in the future.

Source: CHUNG HA_Official