ITZY Revealed They’d Like To Work With Chungha And MIDZY Are 200% Ready For It

MIDZY are hoping 2020 is the year of an ITZY and Chungha collab:

ITZY just stopped in Singapore for their premiere showcase tour where they delighted fans with stunning performances, exciting games, and fun interview moments including one that has MIDZY everywhere crossing their fingers for a collab with Chungha!


During the Q&A session, ITZY were asked if there were any artists they found inspiring and Yeji immediately came back with some major love for ITZY’s TWICE unnies, stating that she would love to find out what kind of synergy they would achieve together in a collab…


And Chungha! While MIDZY have always been 100% behind the possibility of a TWICE and ITZY collab, they were incredibly excited to hear that ITZY would also like to collaborate with Chungha in the future! Especially knowing that ITZY are big fans of Chungha and would like to learn more from her!

Chungha is an artist that our group really likes. There are many aspects about her we can learn from.

— Yeji


ITZY further proved that a collab with Chungha would be absolutely amazing when, during the whisper game challenge, Yeji, Chaeryeong, and Yuna were caught busting the moves to “Snapping”!


Now MIDZY everywhere are crossing their fingers ITZY will get to work with Chungha soon!


Here’s hoping we’ll get both an ITZY and Chungha collab and an ITZY and TWICE collab in the future!