CIX’s Hyunsuk Didn’t Hesitate To Name EXO’s Kai As His Role Model And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier

CIX and EXO fans are celebrating!

EXO‘s Kai doesn’t just have stunning visuals, sweet vocals, and dance skills that would make anyone jealous, he’s also dedicated to being the best performer and is one of the kindest and most caring people around.


So it’s really no surprise that Kai has become a big role model to many new idols including CIX‘s Hyunsuk! Hyunsuk recently went live for his birthday where he had fun answering questions and simply interacting with fans.


One part of the broadcast, however, caught the attention of CIX and EXO fans. During the live, Hyunsuk was asked who his role model was.


And without hesitation, he immediately answered Kai. He revealed that ever since he made he began training for his debut, Kai has been his role model in the industry.

Role model? EXO Kai sunbaenim has been my role model since ever since I started my trainee life and debuted.

— Hyunsuk


Additionally, he also announced that his fellow member Bae Jinyoung felt the same way too!

Jinyoung hyung also thinks the same way I do!

— Hyunsuk


When EXO-Ls heard the news, they sent out a whole lot of love to Hyunsuk and Jinyoung while fans of both groups celebrated big.


Hyunsuk and Jinyoung aren’t the only ones who look up to Kai. Over the years, Kai has been named a role model by many and many more celebrities have been blown away by him too! But with so much talent and a hardworking and sweet personality, it’s no wonder Kai has earned the title “Idol of Idols.”