CLC’s Seungyeon Once Again Proves She’s A Dance Queen In Surprise 1MILLION Dance Class

Seungyeon is certainly “no scrub” when it comes to nailing dance covers.

It comes as no surprise that CLC‘s Seungyeon is an incredible dancer. The idol is always uploading dance videos to TikTok and YouTube, showing off a variety of different styles of dance.


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She constantly impresses fans with her immense skill and the fact that she often choreographs her own dances.

She previously released a series of “Monthly Choreography Videos” on Cube Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel, showing off an incredible range of styles.

And fans were surprised to see the idol recently attending a 1MILLION Dance Studio dance class.

1MILLION Dance Studio is located in Seoul, Korea. It is an extremely popular studio due to its impressive choreographers, including Lia Kim, who has choreographed for many K-Pop artists such as TWICE, Sunmi, and MAMAMOO.

Collaborations between K-Pop groups and the studio are very common, with groups like EVERGLOW and MAMAMOO filming dance practice videos with their original choreographers.

Or like when members of The Boyz went to the studio to learn and perform a cover of Billie Eilish‘s “Bad Guy.”

But most recently, CLC’s Seungyeon attended a dance class at the studio, by herself, to learn a choreography for TLC‘s “No Scrubs” taught by choreographer Debby.

When the performance video starts, it is easy not to immediately identify Seungyeon, as she dances in a group with the original choreographer.

CLC’s Seungyeon dancing on the far right | @1MILLION Dance Studio/YouTube 

But then the video transitions into the second performance, a solo performance by Seungyeon. And it is impossible not to recognize the idol from her incredible presence, energy, and overall skill.

Seungyeon nails every move of the choreography with the encouraging cheers of the other dancers echoing in the background.

CLC’s Seungyeon’s solo performance | @1MILLION Dance Studio/YouTube 

And while unexpected, Cheshires were incredibly excited to have new content from Seungyeon. As the idol keeps not only proving her skill but showing that she’s always working to push ahead and become even more talented than she already is.

You can watch her performance here.


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