CLC’s Sorn Has A Warning Posted On Her Studio Door And It’s Just For PENTAGON

The notice is just for the PENTAGON members:

While Sorn loves how close CLC and PENTAGON are, being so close has its drawbacks, like say, having one of the PENTAGON members randomly burst into the studio whenever they want!


Sorn, however, has a solution for that, one that hopefully will deter any wild members of PENTAGON from interrupting her work!


During a live not too long ago, Sorn revealed that she had to put a set of stickers on her studio door and that these stickers are specifically for all the PENTAGON members who roam the floor!

So I put some stickers on the door because like on this floor, there are so many PENTAGON guys. Here, on this floor specifically.

— Sorn


With so many PENTAGON members on the floor, Sorn decided it was time to post a warning to all of them that, while they are welcome in her studio, they absolutely have to knock first!

So I just have… I think you guys won’t be able to see this but it says, ‘You’re welcome but knock first.’ You heard me! You’re welcome to come in but please knock.

— Sorn


Sorn’s words had fans cracking up hard but she was definitely serious about that warning! In fact, she was so serious that she later retweeted a fan’s clip of the live saying, “YEAH BRO’S YOU HEARD ME.


Now the only question is, will PENTAGON heed Sorn’s warning or not!