Past Clip Of Actress Jun Ji Hyun From 13 Years Ago Goes Viral For Her Incredible, Unchanging Beauty

She could step on us and we’d say thank you.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun and the word “beauty” often go hand-in-hand due to her top tier visuals, which has become more of a fact than an opinion. And while her gorgeous looks have always been widely talked about through the years, there have been some recent clips of Jun Ji Hyun from over a decade ago that has started to go viral.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun.

An anonymous netizen recently shared these short clips of the actress when she was just 27-years-old. Jun Ji Hyun was featuring as a guest on a Japanese talk show, but it was her unbelievable beauty that has become a headline topper.

The Kingdom actress can be seen with her signature straight, long black hair in these clips and one thing that’s undeniable is—her beauty is truly breathtaking. Dressed in a top with some floral details, Jun Ji Hyun showed off her never-changing visuals. Her little hair flip…

…her calm and poised facial expression…

…her look of surprise…

…and her adorable thinking face were just unspeakably goddess-like.

The craziest thing about these clips, however, is the fact that despite being at her prime age, Jun Ji Hyun’s irresistible looks have remained the same throughout the years! Her hair may have been chopped off…

Current day Jun Ji Hyun | Netflix

…and the number of her age may have changed, but Jun Ji Hyun’s visuals slay, even to to this day.

| Netflix
Source: WikiTree