This Clip Of BTS’s Jin Went Viral Because Of His Contrasting Cuteness and Sexiness

He’s driving ARMY crazy, in the best way.

Last year, a 9-second video of BTS‘s Suga went viral on Twitter. Now a 7-second clip of Jin is following in its footsteps.

This Clip Of BTS’s Suga Is Gaining Views Faster Than The Speed Of Light


Over the years, Jin has gone viral many times due to his outstanding visuals, and this time is no exception.


Jin became “The Car Door Guy” in 2015 after he stepped out of a car while looking far too perfect to be real.


Then, everyone wanted to know who the “Third One From The Left” was at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.


Now Jin is widely known by the nickname he gave himself: “Worldwide Handsome”.


By now everyone knows how attractive Jin is, but this latest Jin phenomenon is gaining attention for two very good reasons.


The first reason is that this clip shows Jin’s cute side.


The second is that it shows his sexy side. Jin switches from one extreme to the other in seconds!


The duality is making ARMYs lose their minds!


The clip, posted to Twitter on November 7, already has 18,000 retweets, 40,000 likes, and over 191,000 views, but chances are it will gain even more soon.


To see more, check out the original fancam, which was taken at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards on November 6.