Close-Up Cam of Nayeon Shows Her to Be Sexiness Overload in TWICE’s New Comeback

Nayeon is back looking sexier than usual.

A YouTube channel called “first rabbit” recently shared close-up cam footage of Nayeon performing “FANCY”, and the transformation she made from her initial cute image was shocking, to say the least.

The footage shows Nayeon wearing a black mini-dress and showing off a very sexy vibe that hasn’t been often seen in past TWICE performances.

On top of the sexy outfit, the long and silky hair she flipped around while nailing the powerful choreography completed her new look.

With her outstanding visuals and sexiness that looks very good on her, she truly stood out among her fellow members.

For quite a long time, Nayeon was popular for her adorable appearance that was often compared to a bunny, so this new look topped off with bright red lipstick is bound to turn many heads.

Seeing how Nayeon can pull off both looks so well, she seems to be very versatile, and there’s no telling what she might surprise her fans with next.

Check out the close-up cam of Nayeon performing “FANCY” below:



Source: Insight