Comedian Kim Ji Min Confesses That She Once Caught An Idol Couple Kissing In A Stairwell

They didn’t know she was there.

Comedian Kim Ji Min‘s recent story is making headlines for its juicy content.

Comedian Kim Ji Min | Newsis

The comedian, who is a part of the show’s panel shared a story on the most recent episode of Story Survival. The hosts and guests of the program were discussing the topic of idols dating when Park Na Rae brought up the topic of secret dating. “Apparently, there are a lot of places within KBS where idols will date.” To this, veteran girl group idol member Yubin talked about her known secrets.

Yubin: “I can share all the secrets about idols dating from the past.” | KBS Joy

They will hide from one another, but send each other love signals from afar. I didn’t even think of this idea, but apparently, they meet at a vending machines in the corner at the same time and touch their hands with one another. I witnessed it.

— Yubin

Park Na Rae bounced off of Yubin’s story by sharing that, “I heard they will purposely drop their coins at the vending machine and when they go to pick it up, there will be secret notes left in the spot.” As they continued on with their idol dating stories, comedian Kim Ji Min shared her shocking tale.

Kim Ji Min on “Show Survival” | KBS Joy

I don’t really know many idols these days so I don’t know who these people were. It was a day of a ‘Music Bank’ recording. The broadcast station is on the second floor of the building. I was in the staircase when I witnessed people kissing.

— Kim Ji Min

She continued her shocking story by revealing that they were really into their kiss and didn’t realize she was there.

Kim Ji Min on “Show Survival” | KBS Joy

They were up on the wall and kissing. They couldn’t go anywhere deeper or they’d get caught. They were doing it by the door so they can hear who comes in.

— Kim Ji Min

The panel of the show could not hold in their surprise as Kim Ji Min concluded her story.

Kim Ji Min on “Show Survival” | KBS Joy

Isn’t that too hot of a kiss? That is really bold of them

— Park Na Rae

Wow, Kim Ji Min did not disappoint with her tea! You can watch the story unfold on this week’s episode of Show Survival.

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