This Compilation Of BTS Jin’s Death Glares Is Meant To Be The Most Intimidating Thing ARMYs Have Seen

Scratch that, it’s actually the cutest thing.

BTS‘s Jin, also known as Worldwide Handsome, has a glare – a death glare – that is unfortunately the least aggressive in the history of all death glares. ARMYs have noticed how ineffective Jin’s death glare attempts have been and now can’t stop UWU-ing about them!


While it’s meant to be intimidating, Jin’s death glare will shoot lasers and drill holes in ARMY hearts with a lot of swoon and zero damage.


Jin’s death glare fires when things don’t quite go his way and he is upset with something or someone…


… and that includes straight at his teammates who try to steal his thunder!


ARMYs are well aware that Jin is trying his hardest to be his baddest self. They will play along and pretend to be scared out of their minds, completely intimidated by this fiercest evil glare…


… but deep down they all know; No matter how hard he tries, Jin and his super-cute death glare, with his gigantic soft eyes, will always have a net impact of 0 damages done.


ARMYs love this cheeky Jin, shooting the world’s least threatening kind of death glare…


… more so because usually, Jin is this breathtaking when he’s being serious! ARMYs love Jin for this hilarious duality – and can’t wait to collect more of his death glare moments.

Source: Nate Pann