Here’s What Really Happens To The Atmosphere After An Idol Decides To Show Their Abs During A Concert, According To BTS’s Concert Directors

They spilled the tea!

Although for many K-Pop fans, idols seem like a world away from their everyday lives, concerts are a way to get that much closer to your favorite artists along with other people like you. From the atmosphere, music, and feelings the fans get, it is a feeling unlike no other.

One group that has given that experience to millions of fans worldwide is BTS!

BTS during their online concert | @KPop_Herald/ Twitter

Recently, blip hosted the 2021 KPOP RADAR & TikTok Conference, where they spoke to several experts about different parts of the K-Pop industry.

In particular, they spoke to Kim Sangwook and Seo Donghyeon, responsible for creating concerts for both BTS and ATEEZ. The duo spoke about creating shows, the pandemic, and working with each of the groups.

During the interview, the hosts asked them both about their experiences with the concerts. They were asked if there was any moment where they felt that the audience became invested in the show out of all the shows they’ve attended.

Kim Sangwook’s immediate answer seemed to shock the hosts as he explained, “Abs of the artist?” Although the hosts couldn’t stop laughing at the answer, it looks as if it wasn’t just his view that the moment when an idol showcases their abs creates a special moment during a concert.

In particular, Kim Donghyeon used the comparison and likened it to the idea of gunpowder. Although it might seem like an odd way to describe it, as they elaborated on their point, it made a lot more sense, especially if you have witnessed it live.

So we use the camera and call it ‘gunpowder.’ Up the abs, and zoom with the camera. So, that comes out like a gunpowder-like…

— Kim Donghyeon

Sangwook then added to that, saying that the noise from the crowds when an idol reveals his abs is like the sound that comes from 20,000 gunpowder shots. He even added that it has the nickname “CG” to describe the sensation in a venue.

After directing some of BTS’s concerts, there is no denying that both men probably have a lot of experience with “CG.” Even without showcasing their abs, there is no denying that BTS can create so much energy and adrenaline in the room using their talent, charisma, and energy.

BTS’s J-Hope on stage
BTS’s Jungkook on stage

Yet, the members have also been known to showcase their abs on stage as well. From Jin to Jimin, fans have been treated shirtless members, and it would undoubtedly cause a “CG!”

BTS’s Jimin during BTS’s concert
BTS’s Jin during a concert

With K-Pop acts starting to tour again, more fans will hopefully get a chance to witness this “CG” live and in-person from their favorite groups. You can watch more from the interview below.

Source: Blip


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