Where Is She Now? The Miss Korea Winner Called “Fat” And “Ugly” By Netizens

She was gorgeous then, and is gorgeous now.

Each year, the Miss Korea contest seeks to find the most beautiful and impressive women in the country, holding a pageant to make the determination.

What should have been the best time for one winner of the annual Miss Korea contest quickly turned into a nightmare due to the sheer amount of hate she received.

The 2018 contest saw Kim Soo Min, the winner from Gyeonggi, be crowned the victor.

Kim Soo Min | Miss Korea

The 22-year-old received $45,000 USD in prize money for winning the pageant and another $45,000 in scholarships. The impressive winner was a student at Dickenson College studying journalism with dreams of being an international journalist.

At the time, her win pointed to beauty standards involving the pageant changing as her height and weight differed from the previous winners.

Unfortunately, many netizens did not see her as fit to be Miss Korea, leaving so many hateful comments on her Instagram account after her win that she had to make it private temporarily.

  • Honestly, my own sister is prettier than she is
  • She’s Miss Korea…? She looks like my next door neighbor.
  • She had some interesting aspects…but not Miss Korea worthy. 
  • She is so average though….How is she miss Korea? 
  • LMAO What is this nonsense? She looks 30 years old. 

While discussing the hate in a special interview with Asian Boss, she was even brought to tears. Kim Soo Min still hoped her election could serve as a message for healthier standards.

| Asian Boss

 I wish me being on stage and on screen can make young girls think that they’re not fat at all weighing this weight. I wish it could also motivate other young girls to be confident in their bodies and accept the way they look. I want to set that healthy standard on stage for better body confidence.

– Kim Soo Min

Kim Soo Min reigned until the next Miss Korea was selected and returned to America to continue her education. Not only did she graduate from Dickerson, she continued her education at Columbia University, graduating in 2022.

While competing in the pageant, she stated that her goal was to be an international journalist, which she has achieved! According to her Instagram, she works for BBC at the London Headquarters.

This beautiful and successful woman also shares lifestyle content on her page, detailing her life in London.

Despite the horrible and unwarranted hate she received, Kim Soo Min is thriving!

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