The Craziest Sample Used In A BTS Song That Even Many ARMYs Might Not Know Of

The production gods personally supervised Pdogg that day.

In the field of music, sampling refers to a practice where musicians or record producers use a section of an existing song or audio in a new recording, looping or layering it in a new context. BTS and their producers have often used this technique in many songs to create interesting sounds, but there is one sample that beats every other in terms of creativity.


BTS released “Not Today” as the second single of their album, You Never Walk Alone, in 2017. The fiery hip-hop-driven track was an immediate hit with fans. But many, to this day, never realized that the song’s chorus features a unique sample. It is an audio section from the following viral YouTube video titled “Crazy German Kid.”

The song samples the scream at 0:15 of this video. You can hear the sound just 17 seconds into the song and then throughout the rest of it at the beginning of the chorus.

Needless to say, this ingenious sample fits the bill so well that now if anyone hears the song without that sample, it will be inevitably noticeable. There is a reason why all the BTS members revere Pdogg as a producer so much, and this is just one of the many instances of his creative genius.

Pdogg| The Korea Herald

Source: Whosampled