Underground Dancer Ruda Reveals Why He Used To Hate HOOK’s Aiki And Why She Was Not Accepted In The Community

She faced huge prejudice.

Dancer Aiki was famous even before Street Woman Fighter. This was all thanks to her blossoming career as a TikTok Star dancer. However, after she became popularized with the general public through Street Woman Fighter, it became known that she had originally been facing a huge prejudice in the dancer community.

| @aiki_kr/Instagram

A popular YouTuber and dancer, Ruda, who often gives viewers the lowdown of choreographies and dance crews from a dancer’s point of view, took to a live stream to explain why Aiki used to be disliked amongst the dancer community. The live stream was not saved to his channel, but a viewer who had tuned in summarized it on an online portal.

According to Ruda, he too had originally disliked Aiki. Although he came to like and respect her eventually, the dancer community was very prejudiced against her for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Aiki made her start late in age compared to other dancers and did not go through the traditional route most dancers go through. Dancers often start from the bottom and they have to endear themselves through skills, personality and currying favor, to the senior dancers. However, Aiki made a name for herself without doing all of this. Dancers have a tendency to look down on people that try to break the mold.

Another comment on the post shared that they had heard about Aiki’s reputation in the dancer community before she blew up.

| theqoo

What I heard that was the most shocking was that after Aiki won World Of Fighter, many people were saying she’s a married woman with a child and that she’s wishy-washy between dance sports and street dance and whatever. I heard that during the afterparty for the event, those people who were there were drinking and talking bad about her.

— Netizen

Not only that, Aiki had won multiple awards overseas but she rarely won in local competitions. The reason was simple. Many local dancers did not look favorably upon her for how she got her start. Aiki proved herself through pure talent and charisma, but it wasn’t enough for many dancers who prefer people that follow the unspoken rules and hierarchy of the industry.

Of course, now that Aiki has gained public favor and fame, she’s the true winner in the end!

Source: theqoo