Here’s What The Vocal Coach Of BTS, TWICE, And More Had To Say About Kang Daniel

This will impress you.

Vocal Coach Kim Sung Eun explains how she met Kang Daniel and gave her thoughts on his abilities…and it will totally impress you.

She explains that upon meeting Daniel, she learned that he initially focused more on dance and rap and eventually picked up singing. Even though singing wasn’t his primary skill, she was still impressed with what she heard.

He didn’t begin with singing but was initially a rapper/dancer. I heard his ‘raw’ record without equalization during the mix and it sounded good.

— Kim Sung Eun

She also mentioned how his passion for music was evident after delving into conversations about various artists, including American jazz trumpeter Chet Baker.

We talked about Chet Baker, I never expected that I’ll talk about Chet Baker with Kang Daniel.

— Kim Sung Eun

From the way he picked up singing to his knowledge of music, she said his serious devotion to music is obvious by the amount of effort he puts into it.

He is very serious about music and pours so much effort in it.

— Kim Sung Eun

From Daniel’s hardcore passion for music that drives him to learn about various artists, to his ability to excel at singing despite not initially being a singer, his undying persistence has certainly enabled him to become the well-rounded and skilled artist he is today!

Watch Kim Sung Eun’s full discussion on Daniel and others below.

Source: The Korea Times

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