This Is What It Would Be Like To Date BTS’s Jungkook According To His MBTI Personality Type

Chances are you’ll never date Jungkook, but it’s still fun to imagine!

Chances are you’ll never date a member of BTS, but sometimes it’s still fun to imagine what it would be like! Thankfully, personality theory can shed some light to fuel our imaginations. Every BTS member has taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, also known as MBTI. Here’s what it would be like to date Jungkook according to his personality type: INFP, also known as the Mediator type.

As a Mediator, Jungkook is a dreamer and an idealist. According to MBTI theory, that means he often dreams of the perfect soulmate and comes up with relationship scenarios in his mind.

Mediators believe sincerely that in a good relationship, both people will make each other happier and better. To make that a reality, they give their partner as much support and affection as possible.

While Mediators are loving to almost everyone around them, they do give the majority of their attention to a select few people closest to them. That means if you dated Jungkook, he’d probably give the relationship his all and focus mainly on you.

However, the P in INFP stands for Prospecting—that means Mediators don’t settle down straight away. If you dated Jungkook, he’d probably want to make sure you’re compatible with him before committing to the relationship, comparing you to the ideal type in his mind. Not everyone can live up to the high moral standards of an INFP, after all.

But once Mediators know they’ve fallen for the right person, they fall deep. According to his personality type, Jungkook would probably be a hopeless romantic who showers you with passion. And you’d get the best of both worlds, because Mediators like to let their partners have independence too.

If you and Jungkook fought, it would probably be because Mediators frequently like to tell their partners how they can improve. Of course, they always mean well, and people with this personality type like to avoid conflict where possible.

But above all else, INFPs like Jungkook do everything they can to be the best boyfriend out there. Jungkook would use his creativity to understand and meet all your desires, and he’d always be generous with his affection. Mediators are the happiest when they know their partners are happy.

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