Dawn Expressing His Love For HyunA Will Make Your Heart Explode With Jealousy


During an episode of HyunA‘s YouTube series HyunA-ing, yet another adorable moment between her and Dawn was shared, proving once again that they are #ultimatecouplegoalz.

While out on a late-night grocery shopping outing, HyunA asked Dawn if she looked puffy as earlier in the episode, she revealed that she had been crying. Reassuringly, Dawn quickly responds, “Nope!

Source: HyunA/YouTube

He goes on to say, “You’re pretty.” Naturally, HyunA asks “How pretty?” Dawn’s response will shoot an UWU arrow through your heart that will make it explode with jealousy! With no hesitation, he told HyunA she is “the prettiest woman in the world“! Awww! 😍

Source: HyunA/YouTube

Ahhh, men uplifting their partners! You love to see it! (ᵕᴗ ᵕ⁎)

Check out HyunA’s complete vlog below: